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Welcome to Amanah - Food & Services

We represent manufactures, who are rated amongst the best in the industry, details of these companies. We offer extensive in- house designers who have the requisite experience in designing any facility within our product line meeting the projects criteria. Our world reputed brands complement our capabilities and have enabled us to achieve quality acceptance from Designers/Consultants, Contractor and of course clients.

We have experienced and dedicated staff for providing sales, Technical support, installation and after Sales Services. Our support staff is well trained by our principals and possesses the required expertise, which enables us to execute any assignment without complexity with the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.

We at Amanah, with our persistent policy and strategic planning grew over several folds in the past years and were able to achieve our goal of being a central market place in our field. Adhering to global friendly practices, that ensures healthy work environment to its associates and business partners worldwide. We remain committed to be in compliance with local traditions, practices and established rules in being environment friendly and gain business on merits that signifies our commitment towards customer and employee satisfaction.

We shall continue our endeavor, to educate and upgrade our skills, standards, our associates, clients and partners in order to achieve better results. We shall excel in our field and strive to maintain our reputation of being a professional and seasoned company.

Integrity Above All

Integrity is the basis on which we build your trust in us. What we say and what we do are one and the same thing. Complete compliance to local laws, fulfillment of your expectations and keeping our word are fundamental aspects of all our customer relations.

Versity is a Resource

Respect and attention to local culture, food, ethnic and professional differences are our trademark. We see the individual as the basis for collective harmony. Multiculturalism is a rule of thumb and maintaining an open dialogue is a part of our daily objectives.

Assuming Responsibility

We do business in the first person, risks included. We know that we will be judged on results. We learn from our successes, but even more from our mistakes. Identifying and meeting our customer needs is key to our continued business success.

Willingness to Listen

Listening carefully to our customers is what determines our business strategies and drives our culture. Acquiring and continuously updating knowledge about their needs, motivation and behavior is the key to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Courage of Authority

The ability to guide processes, change and innovation. Knowing how to be a natural leader, gaining the trust of partners and concentrating everyone’s energies towards our common objectives.

Listening carefully to our customers is what determines our business strategies and drives our culture. We know that we will be judged on results, judge us yourself!