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Amanahis  specialized manufactures and supplier  of Commercial Kitchen and Utility Equipment (both Electricity and Gas Operated) for Hotel kitchen, Resort kitchen, Industrial kitchen, Hospital kitchen, and Embassies kitchen, kitchen of Armed Forces, Call Centers kitchen, Educational Institutions kitchen and complete range of kitchen refrigeration equipment. We are fully equipped to cater to any volume of kitchen requirements in this regard, with the assurance of best quality workmanship.We work with our clients to find solutions to their specific kitchen needs and we understand the importance and benefit of cultivating relationships, accessing, and incorporating cutting edge technology. Amanah offers a full line of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for hotels that includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom island suites

Repair and Maintenance

Amanah  is one of the dealers  of commercial kitchen, Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment with supreme quality of our equipment along with superior after sales service. We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) to our valuable clients in the Middle East.  We procure our equipments  from reputed and authorized manufacturers across the globe  and  the stainless  steel items are manufactured in our facilities and all items are covered under warranty. AMC provides peace of mind to the customer during the duration for which the contract is held. The maintenance includes regular check-ups and routine work to regulate the performance of the equipments.


Listening carefully to our customers is what determines our business strategies and drives our culture. We know that we will be judged on results, judge us yourself!